Here's a little more information on the BeQuest Wills story

Our BeQuest Wills Story

Ever set out to keep someone happy and found your life has changed? Well it happened to me and that’s how BeQuest Online Wills came about. I had been nagged to make my Will by my gorgeous and over efficient partner Leanne, for sometime.

After nine months I was still staring at it on my To Do List.

I then did that thing that most blokes do. And perhaps the harbinger of many of the world’s great inventions. I got to thinking, why I haven’t I made a Will  already? Why was I finding it so bloody challenging?  And how I could make it easier and cheaper.

So I did some brief research. It told me that some 65% of people died without having made a Will. I spoke to family and friends. And found from their experiences, that dying without a Will could prove catastrophic to family and friends. Including my family, when my father suddenly died without leaving a Will. My mother had no idea what my Dad’s last wishes were. Not even how to access the bank account! I was quite simply shocked and appalled.

 So being a Business Developer and IT guy I began thinking that making a Will should be an easy affordable process for us all. And the best and cheapest way to provide it was over the Web. The easy fast cheap method we all use today.

I spent four months researching the sector and a further three months writing a technical specification for the service.

Thankfully, during this time I met Alex Tees, a Sydney based Aussie lawyer with extensive knowledge of Estate Planning and Probate. He agreed to be my mentor and legal adviser.

Moreover, Alex had created the Legal Exchange Group. A nationwide network of forward thinking lawyers, providing cost sensitive, straight-forward legal advice to people like us. So if you feel your circumstances need greater consideration for social or tax reasons, or for whatever reason, Alex and his team are on hand to advise you in a plain English but informed way. You’ll find they are good easy to work with, trustworthy people.

Meanwhile, Jason Pascoe our techie guru was a real find too. We were really lucky to get him on board; literally! Months before I met him, he’d come within days of death. Fortunately, with a rapidly declining liver and given just 48 hours to live, a suitable organ became available, and he underwent an emergency, life-saving transplant operation. Thankfully it went well and he’s now in fine fettle. So Jason appreciated the importance of making a Will. He also wanted to run his life differently. Jason was a legend in the IT industry, having set up the first ISP network in Western Australia at the ripe old age of 21! Having sold the business he’d spent years working freelance for Government and Telcos. With his new lease of life, Jason wanted to travel with his partner and see this Big Land. Not be shackled to a desk. So the opportunity to develop the BeQuest website whilst on the road was perfect for him. He’s brought some very clever ideas to the team, and he’s a great asset to BeQuest, as we expand and develop the service. Meanwhile, Leanne my life partner, and unwitting catalyst for the enterprise, kept me and the project moving forward. Her feminine intuition and feel kept the project from becoming just an IT project. With a great team on-board my life became even more hectic as they like to push things along and get things right. As the web-site service took shape I was considering other areas of the enterprise. For instance, many of us have pets but these seem to be mostly ignored. So we’ve included them in BeQuest. Leaving gifts was a problem area so we worked to make it easy. Like being able to upload a photo so there could be no argument as to which/what gift you meant for whom. And we wanted to make it really easy for you to update your last wishes. After all, your life is a journey of continuous changes, many of which should be reflected in your Will such as marriage, divorce, children, property, pets et al. So we made it easy for you to make them through your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Anywhere you can access the internet. And I bet you’re as partial to a good deal as we are so I started looking at related services such as funeral insurance, pet insurance and leaving gifts to charities. But we only wanted to work with trustworthy companies. Those with the highest integrity. But not over commercialise the proposition. No hard selling. Just sensible honest deals for our members. After all, we want a lifelong trusted relationship with you. Not a quick rip-off for profit. Much of this is now included in the first release of BeQuest. With additional services to come. Such as Last Wishes in which you can state how you want your funeral managed and leave last messages. A Vault to leave copies and records of all your valuables and investments. A legal documents service such as Power of Attorney and Living Wills. So I got “hoisted on me own petard” so to speak. And something which started as a chore has now bloomed in to something I hope everyone will use and it will help everyone. After all, it’s important to make sure your hard earned money and assets go to the right people and organisations. Not to the Government or whoever the law proscribes.

And give us your feedback and thoughts. We have very open minds and are eager to hear them and how we can improve your service. Send us an email to [email protected] or give us a call.

So why not make it easy on your family and friends and make a Will through BeQuest New Zealand today? It takes just a few minutes and it might take an enormous weight off your mind. Furthermore, there is something rather satisfying and enjoyable in distributing your hard earned wealth to whomsoever you wish.

Best regards

Ade Sewell

Founder & CEO